Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]

While not everyone will agree with its ethos, the Microsoft Surface Pro is one of your few good options if you want a bona fide Intel-powered desktop in a tablet form factor. If you want to take it for a spin, Best Buy and Microsoft are selling the 128GB first gen model today for just $500, which is the best price… »1/31/14 2:17pm1/31/14 2:17pm


Canon T4i, Logitech Keyboard, Launch Center Pro [Deals]

Mirrorless cameras are tempting, no doubt, but the ample external controls, optical viewfinder, and lens selection of DSLRs mean they still have plenty of fans among budding photographers. Today on eBay, you can pick up an excellent Canon T4i and kit lens for $600, which is about as low as you'll ever see it. »1/30/14 2:18pm1/30/14 2:18pm

Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, Belkin WeMo, Samsung SSDs [Deals]

Staples has brought back their popular $30 tablet discount, allowing you to save on the Nexus 7, or most Kindle Fires. Just use code 50053 at checkout if you're buying a Nexus; the Kindles have the discount applied automatically. The code doesn't seem to work on iPads or Surfaces, so these are definitely your best bet. »1/29/14 2:22pm1/29/14 2:22pm

iPads Galore, Surround Sound on the Cheap, Jambox for $70 [Deals]

Today on eBay, you can take advantage of one of the first deals we've seen on the Retina iPad Mini, or scoop up some leftover iPad 4 inventory at deep discounts. Gizmodo loved the new Mini, and the iPad 4 deals are tempting if you need a ton of storage space or LTE. »1/28/14 2:18pm1/28/14 2:18pm

$50 Off Roombas, Solar Charge Your Gadgets, 7.1 A/V Receiver [Deals]

Vacuuming sucks, but we live in a world where you can outsource it to robots. If you've had your eye on a Roomba, Amazon is offering several models today for $50 off. »1/23/14 2:18pm1/23/14 2:18pm

Indestructible Headphones, Great Apps, Lightning Cables [Deals]

Not only will these Philips O'Neill headphones not break the bank, they pretty much won't break period. Capable of withstanding 1500kg of static force, they're billed as virtually indestructible, and they sound great to boot. Pick up a pair today for $150, or $50 less than the previous low price. »1/22/14 3:26pm1/22/14 3:26pm

Protect Your iPhone 5S, Sony NEX-5TL, Everything Logitech [Deals]

Waterproof, drop proof, shock proof, snow proof, dirt proof, anti-reflective camera lens cover, full Touch ID functionality, the "thinnest, lightest, all-protective device case ever made," and it lets you actually touch the iPhone 5s' screen. That's quite a resume for this LifeProof nuud iPhone 5s Case. For some, the… »1/20/14 2:49pm1/20/14 2:49pm

$10 off TurboTax, Roku 3, Quirky Power Strip, Grid-It [Deals]

Tax season is upon us, and Amazon Prime members get $10 off TurboTax Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business today on Amazon, or $15 off the Business edition. When you file, you can also get a bonus 10% on your refund if you take it as an Amazon gift card. You'll need to sign up for a free Prime trial here, if you aren't… »1/17/14 3:13pm1/17/14 3:13pm

AirPort Extreme, An Awesome Projector, Sony NEX-7 [Deals]

It's not the most customizable router in the world, but Apple's new AirPort Extreme supports 802.11ac, is dead simple to set up and maintain, and looks good enough to put out on display. Today you can pick one up for $165, which is $35 off MSRP, and $20 off Amazon's price. If you want a high speed 2TB drive built in… »1/15/14 7:07pm1/15/14 7:07pm

Charge Everything at Once, Store Everything on One Drive [Deals]

Our favorite USB charging station is perfect for your nightstand, your desk, or outlet-deprived hotel rooms. The 25W white model packs enough power to charge five smartphones simultaneously at full speed, and the 40W black one can handle a few tablets as well. »1/14/14 2:29pm1/14/14 2:29pm

The Camera You Want For Under $300, Cheaper Storage, Apple TV [Deals]

The Sony NEX-3NL was a great camera when it hit the market for $500, but at under $300, this deal is unmissable for anyone looking for a great portable camera, ready to downsize their DSLR, or interested in diving into an interchangeable lens ecosystem for the first time. Retractable power zoom lens, tilting LCD,… »1/13/14 3:15pm1/13/14 3:15pm

Educational eBooks, The Best Electric Razor, Battery Case [Deals]

Teach yourself a thing or two with up to 80% off over 500 educational Kindle books on Amazon. The list notably includes O'Reilly programming books, which are some of the best in the business. »1/10/14 2:21pm1/10/14 2:21pm

Get a Workout While You Work, $30 Off All Kindle Fires [Deals]

Sitting is killing you, but you can turn work into a workout with great deals on office fitness gear from Amazon. Today only, you can pick up the renowned LifeSpan Treadmill Desk for $1,150 (normally $1,500), the FitDesk Exercise Bike for $209 (normally $300), and a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair for $53 (normally $80). If… »1/09/14 2:23pm1/09/14 2:23pm

Party-Approved Bluetooth Speakers, Sony RX100 II, Apple TV [Deals]

You can't power a house party or tailgate with a tiny JAMBOX, but today you can pick up an ample ION Audio Bluetooth speaker from Amazon for even less. The ION Tailgater includes Bluetooth audio, a mic input, a 50 hour rechargeable battery, and even an AM/FM tuner. The Party Rocker loses the battery and radio tuner,… »1/07/14 2:31pm1/07/14 2:31pm

LifeProof Your Devices, Grab A New Or Second Monitor, Eneloops [Deals]

LifeProof is having an excellent New Year's Sale on a range of great accessories and protections for your precious devices, including car mounts, iPad covers, and arm bands. Code WRING50 gets you the 50% off in question, and the code is all over the listing and next to every item, so we doubt you'll forget to put it… »1/06/14 7:47pm1/06/14 7:47pm

Tax Software on the Cheap, Great TVs, Brand New Phones [Deals]

Tax season is nigh, but you can keep a little more money in your pocket this year with up to 51% off H&R Block's tax software from Amazon today. You can compare the various offerings at H&R Block's site, but know that every version of the software includes unlimited advice from a tax expert, and free audit support if… »1/03/14 2:48pm1/03/14 2:48pm